Disaster Relief


Sudden natural disasters and other emergencies,can wreak havoc on unsuspecting communities leaving a trail of despair.
The Masonicare Disaster Relief Fund is designed to offer fast and effective aid to communities in distress impacted by disasters such as fires, flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes.
Through the Disaster Relief program, Masonicare can respond quickly to emergencies, providing much needed financial assistance and other support tocommunities.
Through the combined efforts of the Masonicare Disaster Relief program and NSW and ACT
Freemasons, we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local communities in
response to past events.
These included assisting families of the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Victims, those of the 2011 floods in Queensland and New South Wales and more recently, in the purchase of thermal imaging cameras for the Rural Fire Service.
The Disaster Relief program is another way that Masonicare is making a big impact on those in dire need and how we are proudly supporting our local communities.