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BBQ Apron

Massonicare BBQ Apron

The Masonicare BBQ aprons are back in stock and now feature a handy front pocket. They are also black which will make you and the Craft look good at the next Lodge sausage sizzle.

You can order yours via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 02 9284 2838.

Aprons cost $20.00 + $10.00 postage and handling. All proceeds will go to the Benevolence Fund designated to help Masons and their families in need.

interACTION Grants


The Masonicare interACTION Grants program is designed to stimulate fundraising throughout NSW and the ACT thereby maximising the charitable benefits to local communities.

Masonicare will contribute to monies raised by Masonic Lodges, Districts and Regions for local charities of their choice. This is generally on a dollar for dollar basis and enables us to have a multiplying effect in supporting those causes which need it most.

interACTION Grants have made a substantial difference in the following areas:

  • Youth and families at risk
  • Medical research
  • Community programs
  • Hospital and medical equipment
  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Aged care
  • Emergency services

The interACTION Grants program is successfully engaging people across the jurisdiction to make a collaborative difference in proudly supporting our local communities.



 interACTION Grant Procedure

It is important for Lodges and Masonic Associations to note the correct procedure when applying for an interACTION Grant (IAG). It is most important that ALL parties adhere to this process in order to comply with ATO and ACNC regulations.

  1. Plan ahead for a fundraising event where the funds raised will be donated to a local charity that MUST BE registered as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient).

  2. Apply for an IAG with an estimated and realistic amount nominated (Min. $500 to a max. $3,000). IAG applications forms are available from your Regional Masonicare Manager (RMM), from the Masonicare Secretariat office or can be downloaded from the website: . You must ensure the application is lodged 2 months before you commence your fundraising.

  3. The Board will consider the application for approval or otherwise and the applicant will be given written advice of the Board’s decision.

  4. Conduct your actual fundraising event/s. Any promotional materials should include the Masonicare logo and it is preferred that a Masonicare banner be on display at the event.

  5. Following your event ask your RMM for a ‘Cheque Request Form’ which you should complete and return to Masonicare along with the net value of funds raised (either by cheque or EFT). This amount will be matched ‘dollar for dollar’ (to a maximum contribution of $3,000 by Masonicare) and a cheque for the total amount will be sent to your RMM or designated person for presentation to the DGR at an organised event. Please provide at least 14 days’ notice to ensure the cheque is prepared in time.

Have a Masonicare banner on display at your event and invite local media to attend.

During this whole process remember that your RMM and DMR can assist you in various stages throughout this project and good luck with your fundraising efforts.



Masonicare is the charitable arm of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory - the governing body for Freemasonry in NSW and the ACT.

interACTION Grants - to assist Lodges and other Masonic organisations that organise charitable projects raising funds for local community charities.


Masonicare may match fundraising on a ‘dollar-for-dollar’ basis to a maximum of $3,000 (minimum of $1,000).

Current details are available from your Regional Masonicare Manager (RMM).  RMM details are listed on the ‘About Us’ page on the Masonicare website at

The form is to be completed by the Masonic organisation making the application.  Please cross out inapplicable sections.


interACTION Grant Application Form 2018

Disaster Relief


Sudden natural disasters and other emergencies,can wreak havoc on unsuspecting communities leaving a trail of despair.
The Masonicare Disaster Relief Fund is designed to offer fast and effective aid to communities in distress impacted by disasters such as fires, flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes.
Through the Disaster Relief program, Masonicare can respond quickly to emergencies, providing much needed financial assistance and other support tocommunities.
Benevolence Grants

Masonicare’s Benevolence Program is there to support Masons and their families who have fallen on hard times or have difficulties which threaten their wellbeing.

Masonicare provides confidential financial grants, access to financial advice and counselling services to Masons or their families who are in financial distress. Financial grants are of an amount up to 5,000 ($6,500 for funeral expenses) and subject to the individual circumstances and appropriate due diligence.

The Benevolence program provides comfort and security knowing that Masonicare is there to care and support our own community in times of need.


Grants are made following application on the approved form only available to Worshipful Masters or Secretaries of Lodges. Application must have Lodge sponsorship and all applications are taken and kept in strictest confidence. RMMs and DMRs are familiar with the process and are available to assist a Lodge with a brother in need if needed. Application forms are available from Masonicare or the Grand Lodge Office to the nominated people only and grants are subject to Masonicare Board approval.


Benevolence Application Form

Masonicare's Benevolence Appeal seeks donations to support Masons in need.