The Board
MW Bro James Melville GM


Grand Master

He was also involved with his local Scout group (1st West Peakhurst) where he progressed from Scouts, Venturers and Rovers and also became the Assistant Scout Leader. He was educated in Peakhurst West primary and then continued to Peakhurst High School which leaving in 1985 to pursue a career as apprentice electrician.

RW Bro Tony Craig PJGW

Tony-CraigDeputy Chairman & Convenor, Benevolence
Tony has an extensive background (30+ years) in the advertising, marketing, publishing and executive recruitment fields, 17 years of which were spent in Hong Kong

MW Bro Ron Johnson AM, PGM, CMH

Ron-JonhsonConvenor, Strategic Planning



RW Bro Bill Whitby, PAGM

Grand Registrar
RW Bro Bill Whitby

W Bro Perry Wells PM
W Bro Perry Wells
Bro Stephen Coote MM
Bro Stephen Coote
RW Bro Andrew Fraser MP, PDGM


Masonicare Chairman



RW Bro Richard Collins, PDGM
Richard-Collins Convenor, Finance
RW Bro Richard Collins 


RW Bro Peter Ratcliff PAGM


MCO's, RMM's & DMR's

Born in Sydney and spending the early years in the St.George area and married life all at Penrith.

My total working life has been in the Sydney electricity distribution industry specialling in building trades and contracted civil works.

Bro Michael Sharpe MM

Public Relations & Communication

Bro Michael Sharpe

W Bro Michael Yuen PM
W Bro Michael Yuen